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Industrial and Systems Electives

Suggested Courses for ME Students Interested in Industrial Systems Engineering

Technical Electives

Mechanical Engineering majors must complete 12 credits of tech electives; no more than 3 credits can be used from List #2.  ME majors are required to complete at least 6 credits of 3000- or higher level ME or NSEG electives.  

Be sure to consult the graduation checksheet for the year in which you entered Virginia Tech for to see a full list of approved technical electives and the rules for technical elective selection. Please see the Timetable of Classes for course availability, which can change without warning.  Most technical electives are taught no more than once per year.

List #2 Technical Electives

ISE 2204 – Manufacturing Processes (3 credits) - typically taught Spring only
*Note : Course may be major-restricted; you may need to fill out the ISE force-add form on their website to attempt to add this course.
Survey of manufacturing processes including casting, forming, machining, welding, joining, and non-traditional processes such as laser-beam and electrical-discharge machining. Basic structure of metals, physical, and mechanical properties and their relationship to manufacturing. Process planning and the effect of plans on cost, safety, and the environment. Impact of product design on manufacturability: design for manufacture, assembly, etc. Also include topics in inspection and testing, jigs and fixtures, and numerical control. Pre C-or better in ENGE1216.

List #1 Technical Electives

ISE 3004 – Industrial Cost Control (3 credits) - typically Spring only
Fundamentals of general and cost accounting practices applied to manufacturing and service organizations. Cost accounting, standard cost determination, cost and budgetary control systems. Pre: ISE 2014 or ME 3024.

ISE 3614 – Introduction to Human Factors Ergonomic Engineering (3 credits) - recently taught Fall, Spring, and Summer 
*Note: This course may be restricted to ISE majors. Contact ISE advising department for force-add request (alternate ME prerequisites may be accepted)
Investigation of human factors, ergonomics, and work measurement engineering, with emphasis on a systems approach toward workplace and machine design. Discussion of basic human factors research and design methods, design/evaluation methods for work systems and human machine interactions, human information processing, visual and auditory processes, display and control design, and effects of environmental stressors on humans.  Pre: C- or better: in ISE 2004 and STAT 4105

ISE 4004 – Theory of Organization (3 credits) - typically Fall only
*Note: One CRN is typically reserved for ISE students only, while the other allows non-ISE majors to request this course; see comments in timetable to view restrictions.
A theory of cooperative behavior in formal organizations, including the structure and elements of formal organizations. The executive process and the nature of executive responsibility also are examined. This course is available to Seniors only.

ISE 4015: Management Systems Theory, Applications, and Design - recently taught Spring and Fall
*Note: See comments in timetable to view restrictions, which may allow non-ISE students to add during drop/add.
Systems approach to management, domains of responsibility, structured and synergistic management tools, management system model, contextual frameworks, information portrayal, automation objectives model, evaluation, shared information processing, information modeling. A management process for definition, measurement, evaluation and control, the organization as an information processor, corporate culture, scoping agreements, schemas and management elements, structured design.

ISE 4264 – Industrial Automation (3 credits) - typically Spring only
A survey of the various technologies employed in industrial automation. This includes an emphasis on industrial applications of robotics, machine vision, and programmable controllers, as well as an investigation into problems in the area of CAD/CAM integration. Examination of the components commonly employed in automation systems, their aggregation and related production process design. Laboratory work is required. Pre C- or better in: ISE2204 or ISE2214.

*ISE 4304 – Global Issues in Industrial Management (3 credits) - typically Spring only
Industrial management topics of current interest explored from a global perspective. Current domestic and international challenges resulting from a global marketplace and the proliferation of information and technology. Industrial management and organizational performance, total quality management, business process re-engineering, leadership, organizational change, role of communication and information, and ethics. Examination and comparison across international boundaries. This course is available to Seniors only.