In mid-November, Allison Jones and Professor Alireza Haghighat joined four other Virginia Tech colleagues in the Washington DC area for the National Consortium of Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering (GEM) Felllowship review. The team worked with judges from national labs, companies, and other universities to review, score, and match applicants.

The GEM Fellowship facilitates partnerships between companies and member institutions to fund graduate education for URM students in STEM fields and place these students in paid internships and jobs.

Participants included:

  • Trey Waller, Director of Graduate Student Programs
  • Stefano Brizzolara, Associate Professor of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
  • Daniel Jakubisin, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Erica Cooper, Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Ali Haghighat, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Allison Jones, Program Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering