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Stopping sweat with sweat.

What's a natural approach to antiperspirants? Jonathan Boreyko's lab finds the answers in the chemistry of sweat itself.

Virginia Tech lab proves the concept of a natural approach to antiperspirants
Number five in the use for awarded degrees according to ASEE
Social distancing classroom preparation

Fall plans in light of COVID-19

We are committed to, "be committed, be well." Here's what that looks like for our community.

Nuclear Engineering Webinars

Nuclear engineering webinars

The fall semester includes a great list of speakers on the topic of nuclear engineering.

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Undergrad story: Zackory Biggers

Zackory talks about what led him to pursue engineering, and what brought him into the exoskeleton lab.

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What is Virginia Tech's Fog Harp?

Mechanical Engineering researcher Jonathan Boreyko and collaborator Brook Kennedy talk about the form and function of this highly efficient water harvester.

Nuclear Engineering

The nuclear engineering program (NEP) at Virginia Tech is a multi-disciplinary program with activities in nuclear power, nuclear nonproliferation and security, radiation therapy and diagnostics, and nuclear policy. NEP offers degrees at two campuses including Blacksburg and National Capital Region (NCR).