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Seven students and their professor hold a glass trophy they received as the winners of the international 2019 Collegiate Student Safety Technology Design Competition.
Students win international vehicle safety design competition

A group of engineering graduate students won the international championship for the 2019 Collegiate Student Safety Technology Design Competition, hosted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the Netherlands last week.

Date: Jun 19, 2019
Christian Kingett and Farzad Ahmadi
Bubble of an idea leads to new research on freezing

A mechanical engineering professor and his students studied soap bubbles to learn how the "snow globe" effect takes place and learned about the nature of freezing.

Date: Jun 19, 2019
Six engineering graduate students stand in front of a car and use their hands to make the "VT" shape.
Student engineering team advances to global vehicle safety design competition

A team of Virginia Tech engineering students is advancing to the global round of the Student Safety Technology Design Competition, sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They will present their prototype safety system aimed at reducing injuries for vehicle occupants during a rear-end collision.

Date: Jun 13, 2019
Mechanical Engineering Professor Rolf Mueller
Bats have an ambulance in their ears

Engineering researchers think the study of ear-generated Doppler shifts in bat biosonar could give rise to new sensory principles that could enable small, yet powerful sensors.

Date: Jun 07, 2019
mechanical, and electrical and computer engineer students prepare the agBOT vehicle
Virginia Tech engineers victorious with another first place at agBOT

The agBOT competition consisted of two separate contests: a weed and seed event and a competition to design an autonomous system that can collect, store, and prepare a soil sample for analysis.

Date: Jun 05, 2019
A water droplet jumps and returns to a horizontal surface
Jumping drops get boost from gravity

Researchers from Virginia Tech are seeking the best way to shed moisture from condensers to increase the efficiency of a variety of items including power plants or anything that requires heat exchange.

Date: May 24, 2019
Picture of Farzad Ahmadi
Class of 2019: Doctoral student credits ‘lab family’ with accomplishments

In addition to his prodigious publishing and mentorship efforts while at Virginia Tech, Farzad Ahmadi also helped solve a notoriously difficult problem in fluid dynamics, one that many senior engineers had already given up on: How to create a cheap, durable, and passive anti-frosting surface.

Date: May 08, 2019
A large maroon oast sits under a large farm shelter.
Students develop open-source hops dryer design to share with growers everywhere

A team of mechanical engineering students partnered with researchers in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to develop a low-cost solution to drying hops.

Date: May 02, 2019
Four glass awards sit on a table covered by decorative tablecloths.
College of Engineering inducts four members into the Academy of Engineering Excellence

Virginia Tech's College of Engineering inducted four new members at its 20th annual Academy of Engineering Excellence. The academy consists of 156 alumni out of Virginia Tech's approximately 68,000 living engineering alumni who have achieved exceptional career successes.

Date: Apr 30, 2019
Xiaoyu Rayne Zheng
Rayne Zheng receives Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Zheng, assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering, has received the award to study rational design and additive manufacturing of 3D piezoelectrics with arbitrary anisotropy for maritime self-sensing structures.

Date: Apr 17, 2019
Alumni Distinguished Professor, Christopher C. Kraft Endowed Professor, Wing Ng
Wing Ng appointed Alumni Distinguished Professor

Ng, the Christopher C. Kraft Endowed Professor of mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering, has been named an Alumni Distinguished Professor by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

Date: Apr 09, 2019
Wing Ng, Rakesh Kapania, and Robert Canfield
Three engineering faculty elected as AIAA Fellows

Three faculty members of the College of Engineering were elected as Fellows in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Date: Mar 14, 2019

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