Department Head Azim Eskandarian appeared on the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division podcast on July 29, 2022. In the podcast, he talked about his work with automotive safety, crash analysis, biomechanics of injuries, collision avoidance, driver assistance, and automated/autonomous driving. His emphasis was particularly on his most current work with interconnectivity and infrastructure in connected vehicles.

Eskandarian’s work incorporates mathematical modeling, sensor processing, signal processing, and control systems. It spans multiple disciplines with an eye to improving the quality of life in society, benefitting both individuals and the society at large. In the podcast, he expanded on that idea by discussing the benefit of academia to society through peer review and evaluation, creating better solutions by incorporating the influence of many voices.

Eskandarian also spoke on the importance of humility in academic leadership, both in leading faculty and mentoring students. In his time as a department head, he has boosted the programs at Virginia Tech by enhancing new venues for students to learn and bringing resources that enrich the academic experience. This includes new lab facilities to create hands-on research, industry partnerships, and course creation that equips students for a better future.