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Michael Roan

  • Thrust Area Specialty: Robotics, Autonomous, and Dynamical Systems
Michael Roan
111 Randolph Hall (0710)
460 Old Turner Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Professor Roan's Research Interests

  • Acoustics, acoustic materials development and testing
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Audio signal processing
  • Audio engineering
  • Surround sound/3D acoustic immersion

I am  currently investigating two main research areas. The first area is 3D soundfield reconstruction for large 3D speaker arrays. On the measurement/recording side, I am investigating the development of 3D sound field microphones with high capsule counts. On the soundfield reproduction side I am investigating areas such as vector-based amplitude panning and wavefield synthesis for use in the CUBE facility.

My second main area of current research is the use of additive manufacturing to create new acoustic materials, referred to as metamaterials. These materials exhibit high levels of acoustic absorption while maintaining low weight and tunable response especially in low audible frequencies (20-1000Hz).

See Dr. Roan's publications and research on Google Scholar.

  • Ph.D. - Acoustics, Pennsylvania State University, 1999
  • M.S. -¬†Acoustics, Pennsylvania State University, 1991
  • B.S. - Physics, Pennsylvania State University, 1989