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2024 Nuclear Series

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    Nuclear seminar: Luka Snoj , article

    Luka Snoj, Head of Reactor Physics Division, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, Associate Prof. (Ljubljana University), Adjunct Professor (VT), will give a talk entitled "From Splitting to Merging: The Dual Faces of Nuclear Power"

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    Nuclear seminar: Dean Wang , article

    Dean Wang, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, The Ohio State University, presents, "On the Smoothness of the Neutron Transport Solution and Its Implication on Numerical Convergence"

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    Nuclear seminar: Roland Backhaus , article

    Roland Backhaus, Esq, Executive VP, USNC, presents "An Introduction to Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, the Micro Modular Reactor, and Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated Fuel."

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    Nuclear seminar: Brian Boyer , article

    Brian Boyer, Consultant with LucidCatalyst, former IAEA INPRO Section Head, will give a talk entitled "IAEA INPRO Guidance on Proliferation Resistance Key Concepts for New Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles."

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    Nuclear seminar: Toni Karlsson , article

    Toni Karlsson, Research Scientist, INL, will give a talk entitled: "Investigations into Potential Fuel Salts for Molten Salt Reactors: Synthesis, Characterization, and Property Determination"

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    Nuclear seminar: Christina Leggett , article

    Dr. Christina Leggett, Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, will give a talk entitled: "Reimagining the Nuclear Fuel Cycle to Support a Sustainable Nuclear Future,"

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    Nuclear seminar: Valerio Mascolino , article

    Valerio Mascolino, Nuclear Engineer, Research and Test Reactor Group, Argonne National Laboratory, will give a talk entitled: "The U.S. High Performance Research Reactor (USHPRR) Project."

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    Nuclear seminar: Patrick Huber , article

    Patrick Huber presents, "Neutrinos & Nuclear Security."

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    Nuclear seminar: Rani Franovich , article

    Rani Franovich, Principal Consultant and Expert Witness, Nuclear ROSE Consulting, LLC, will give a talk entitled “The Time is Now: Nuclear Energy’s Past, Present, and Promise for the Future”

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    Nuclear seminar: Derek Rountree , article

    Derek Rountree, Senior Research Scientist at Luna Innovations Inc., will give a talk entitled "Fiber optic sensing for nuclear power applications."