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Synthetic bat ear
Researcher uses bat-inspired design to develop new approach to sound location

Inspired by the workings of a bat’s ear, Rolf Mueller, a professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech, has created bio-inspired technology that determines the location of a sound’s origin. Mueller’s development works from a simpler and more accurate model of sound location than previous approaches, which have traditionally been modeled after the human ear. His work marks the first new insight for determining sound location in 50 years.

Date: Apr 14, 2021
Pink magnolia tree blooms on Virginia Tech campus.
Five new projects win seed funding

The Junior Faculty Awards from the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science fund interdisciplinary collaborations led by early-career faculty.

Date: Mar 26, 2021
Anna Shvygina at the health sciences and technology campus
Medical student’s research shows promise for device to measure blood flow for sickle cell patients

Fourth-year medical student Anna Shvygina used a device developed by doctoral engineering student Ali Roghani that shows promise in measuring blood flow for patients with sickle cell disease.

Date: Mar 24, 2021
Cells pass on a single fiber. Image courtesy Johns-Hopkins University.
Like cars on a highway: Researchers dig deeper into how migrating cells interact in the body

Understanding the ways migrating cells react to one another is essential to predicting how cells change and evolve and how they react in applications, such as wound healing and drug delivery.

Date: Mar 24, 2021
Doctoral students Graybill and Jana stand in a research lab, with masks and lab coats on.
Shocking the cellular world: Engineers’ collaborative work discovers force signature of cells undergoing electroporation

Electroporation has been used in many medical applications, such as gene transfection and electrochemotherapy, since the 1980s. In this study, the researchers improved upon an established method of electroporation, in which medicines or genes are injected into holes formed in a cell’s membrane.

Date: Mar 10, 2021
Eric Link, a junior and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Virginia Tech, puts the final touches on the moving Hokie cutouts at Cassell Coliseum. Photo by Ryan Young.
Engineering students give life to Cassell cutouts

The 112 shifting cutout faces, installed in the Cassell Coliseum student section, are a result of about five months of work by seven Virginia Tech mechanical engineering students.

Date: Mar 04, 2021

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