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Materials set to music

Pinar Acar has won an NSF CAREER Award to create material profiles. With the funding, her team will also convert the data they gather into music.

Pinar Acar
Pinar Acar
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Video: Bartlett lab makes adhesive stronger using kirigami

Using the ancient art of paper cutting, researchers in Bartlett's lab have boosted the adhesive power of common tapes while still making them easy to remove. 

Department news briefs

Yang Chen inspects an energy-harvesting rail in the Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety.


Our research is divided into five topics, with decades of combined experience and several transdisciplinary centers.



Meet the researchers, teachers, and innovation leaders of the department.

Fourth in the US for ME degrees awarded
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Bart Raemaekers took a step away from his regular work to crunch some data about Everesting. His work was published in Scientific Reports.

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Technical Communication Program

Mechanical engineering has a program especially for helping young engineers communicate well.

Nuclear Engineering

The nuclear engineering program (NEP) at Virginia Tech is a multi-disciplinary program with activities in nuclear power, nuclear nonproliferation and security, radiation therapy and diagnostics, and nuclear policy. NEP offers degrees at two campuses including Blacksburg and National Capital Region (NCR).

Mechanical Engineering in the news

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