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Distinguished Speaker

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    Distinguished Seminar Series: Brenna Argall , article

    Brenna Argall of Northwestern University presents, "Assistive Autonomy Revisited" on Thursday, September 22 at 2:00 pm.

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    Distinguished Seminar Series: Tony Huang , article

    Tony Huang presents: Acoustofluidics: merging acoustics and fluid mechanics for biomedical applications

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    Distinguished Speaker Series: Sharon Swartz , article

    The world in a wing: the integrative biology of bat flight

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    Distinguished Speaker Series: Liangbing (Bing) Hu , article

    Liangbing (Bing) Hu presents, "Emerging Energy Materials: Joule Heating and Wood" in a visit from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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    Distinguished Seminar Series: Leila Ladani , article

    "Manufacturing Meets Medicine" with Leila Ladani, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Arizona State University

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    Distinguished Speaker Series: Giorgio Rizzoni , article

    Mobility is undergoing dramatic transformations that will radically change the way we move and access work and leisure time. This presentation focuses on how increasingly connected and automated vehicles can achieve unprecedented fuel economy gains. The presentation is based on the results of the first phase of the ARPA-E NEXTCAR project, and introduces a hierarchical control approach that exploits vehicle connectivity and automated driving capabilities to enhance the fuel economy capability of light-duty passenger vehicles. The use of cloud-based route optimization, coupled with adaptation to local traffic conditions via machine learning algorithms, and with the use of increasing levels of automation to shape the expected short-term vehicle load, permits the optimization of powertrain and vehicle longitudinal velocity control achieve near-optimal fuel economy thanks to the ability to predict the near-term future. The ability to realize such capabilities in production vehicles, demonstrated in this project, is around the corner, and will play a key role in shaping the future of personal and commercial mobility.