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Electives for ME Majors

Technical Electives for Mechanical Engineering (ME) Majors

This is a directory of technical electives for Mechanical Engineering majors to help students find electives based on their area(s) of interest. The Automotive Engineering (AUTE) major and Robotics and Mechatronics (RBMT) major have their own major-specific electives which are more closely related to those majors.

Mechanical Engineering (ME) majors are required to complete 12 credits of technical electives, with no more than 3 credits from List #2 (see graduation checksheets for more details). ME majors are required to select at least 6 credits of ME and/or NSEG subject List #1 tech electives unless they complete a minor from an approved list, which includes Biomedical Engineering, Green Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Naval Engineering, Physics, and other select science and engineering minors.  Please contact an ME undergraduate advisor if you have questions.