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Fighting fire with foam, the eco-friendly way

A team of researchers from Virginia Tech and Arizona State University are building a data toolbox for the Department of Defense's efforts to make firefighting foam more environmentally friendly.

Rezawanna Islam observes a flame in the EXTREME lab.

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Now hiring

Several faculty positions are open for work in robotics and nuclear engineering.



Meet the researchers, teachers, and innovation leaders of the department.

Fourth in the US for ME degrees awarded
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The DREAMS lab

Take a trip through the world of additive manufacturing with Ph.D. student Lindsey Bezek.

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Drone class with certifications

After Kevin Kochersberger helped launch a drone academy in Malawi, he put that same approach to work for Blacksburg students.

Nuclear Engineering

The nuclear engineering program (NEP) at Virginia Tech is a multi-disciplinary program with activities in nuclear power, nuclear nonproliferation and security, radiation therapy and diagnostics, and nuclear policy. NEP offers degrees at two campuses including Blacksburg and National Capital Region (NCR).

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