Mahbobur Rahman, a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. candidate advised by Alexandrina Untaroiu, was awarded the ASME-VT Memorial Scholarship from the ASME Foundation for the 2023-24 academic year. The scholarship recognizes academic achievements and fuels a drive for excellence and innovation.
"I am very honored to be chosen for this scholarship," said Rahman. "It will act as a catalyst for my personal growth, and gives me a sense of confidence and motivation. Knowing that a panel of experts and industry professionals recognizes my potential reinforces my commitment to the field of Mechanical Engineering and validates my abilities. This recognition instills a deep sense of responsibility and encourages me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my academic journey."
Rahman has already been a standout among his peers, having been awarded one of five Best Poster designations in the 2nd Annual Walter O'Brien Grad Student Research Symposium, held by Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2023. His research involves the development of computational models for premixed combustion under electric field, specifically for preheat flames, aiming to identify certain electrical events connected with the flame itself (also known as ion currents) that can accurately signal vital process conditions.