Senior Dwight Jones was been chosen to participate in the Stanford Exposure to Research and Graduate Education (SERGE) at Stanford University for a second consecutive year.
Through SERGE, Jones had the opportunity to experience graduate school early, expanding the research experiences in which he has participated at Virginia Tech onto the Stanford campus. He also got a taste of what pursuing his doctorate might look like, and talked to several students and faculty who are already in that process. By taking part in this program, Jones was able to plot a more strategic course through his one journey to an advanced degree.

"Having the opportunity to return as a SERGE scholar for the second year was nothing short of amazing," said Jones. "Being able to travel to Stanford to meet with professors, participate in graduate workshops, and gain a more refined understanding on what graduate life looks like, was nothing short of amazing, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. I would like to thank all my family, friends, and professors for helping me in getting to this point in my education!"