eVinci, AP300, and Beyond – Westinghouse’s Power Generation Solutions for the Next Generation

with Nathan Roskoff,
Lead Reactor Physics Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Company

December 1, 2023, 10:10 am
Foggy Bottom Room, VTRC, Arlington, VA

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With the ever-growing demand for clean and reliable energy, safe and innovative nuclear power generation is a necessity. Westinghouse Electric Company has an expanding portfolio of nuclear solutions to meet global energy challenges today and into the future. This talk introduces the Westinghouse technologies designed to meet these needs. Specific focus on the eVinci microreactor, its key enabling technologies, and pathway to commercialization. The extension of eVinci’s fundamental heat-pipe cooling technology, to enable exploration of space, is introduced. The AP300 SMR, Westinghouse’s latest offering, relies on proven and licensed technologies that provide a clear pathway to deployment, is discussed.

Nathan Roskoff is a lead reactor physics engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company. He works on the eVinci microreactor core design, for both terrestrial and space applications, and development of analysis methodologies for advanced reactors. Prior to Westinghouse, Nathan worked at Holtec International where he led SMR-160 core design and analysis efforts, in addition to performing various analyses for spent fuel applications. He earned his PhD and MS in Nuclear Engineering from Virginia Tech and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from Clarkson University.