with Shri Dubey, George Mason University
Thursday, April 14, 9:00 – 10:00AM
440 Goodwin Hall

The standardization of parts is a fundamental aspect of Design for Manufacturing (DFM), which can simplify product development efforts, lower the cost of parts and materials, simplify supply chain management, improve quality, improve serviceability, and support lean production. In product development, the part standardization presents the greatest opportunities for new design and significant cost reduction. Various product development projects from industries related to the standardization of parts and the standardization strategy will be presented.

Dr. Shri Dubey has over 18 years of industrial experience and expertise in the areas of wireless technologies and automotive engineering with reputed companies such as Ford Motor Company and Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations. At Ford Motor Company, he worked in design and development of automatic transmissions, torque converters, and axle assemblies. At Bell Labs, Dr. Dubey was involved in research and development of remote radio heads (RRH-40W and 60W), LTE compact cells, base stations, power distribution, heat exchangers, enclosures with fins, and fiber distribution for wireless technologies for different frequency bands for customers such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, and AT&T. His research interests include Solid Mechanics, Manufacturing Systems, and Light-weight Metal Alloys.

Host: Associate Professor Bob West